Eddy Kenzo Sets The Record Straight Says He Has No Beef With John Segawa.


Amid swirling speculations regarding a potential feud between Eddy Kenzo and John Segawa over public warnings issued by Segawa concerning government funding, Kenzo has stepped forward to address and dispel these rumours.

In a recent interview, Eddy Kenzo unequivocally stated that there is no animosity between him and John Segawa.

Despite Segawa’s cautionary remarks directed towards him and the Musicians Federation regarding government financial assistance, Kenzo expressed his admiration and respect for Segawa. He emphasized that any perceived tension is unfounded and that he holds no ill will towards Segawa.

Moreover, Kenzo stressed the crucial necessity for unity among artists, underlining the significance of collaborative efforts to elevate the music industry in Uganda.

“I have absolutely no problem with John Segawa. He has always been my guy from day one. Unless he has a problem with me, it’s really okay with me,” Kenzo affirmed.


Kenzo further addressed the challenges encountered by musicians and reiterated his dedication to supporting his fellow artists. He disclosed plans to revamp their “music home” and procure a larger venue where all artists can host shows and concerts, thereby enabling them to earn a sustainable livelihood.

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