B2C’s obulungi bunuma is allegedly a stolen song


Two upcoming musicians Beka and Roja are complaining that their song obwavu bunuma was stolen by the successful trio B2C. It is the obulungi bunuma version.

They alleged that the song had been left in studio over money constraints and we’re supposed to return and finish it.

The two recorded their song in 2021 and left in studio only to be shocked with the release of the trending obulungi bunuma. “We don’t know how the song got to the B2C,” they say

They speculate that someone might have recorded the song and shared it with the trio since the studio they recommend in is very near with Nessim’s studio. Nessim is the producer of obulungi bunuma.

They explain that the inspiration for the song is the poverty they went through during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020.


Their producer however says the songs are some how different. 

“The songs have the same melody and lyrics but the instruments are different. He has also advised the B2C to talk to the rising stars for an agreement,”

Music lovers argue that obwavu bunuma makes more sense than obulungi bunuma and therefore the song might have been stolen.



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