Singer Fille Mutoni Appeals to Ugandan Government For Stronger Laws Against Nude Threats


Singer Fille Mutoni has called upon the Ugandan government to establish robust legislation aimed at safeguarding women from the scourge of nude threats.

Speaking on this concerning issue during an interview with Sanyuka TV, Fille candidly shared her personal stance on the matter as she disclosed that, regardless of the length of her relationship, she would not engage in recording explicit content or sharing it with her partner

She continued to state that throughout the years, numerous prominent individuals have fallen victim to the alarming trend of their intimate content being exposed on social media platforms.

These unfortunate incidents occur when perpetrators gain access to personal devices through hacking, loss, or theft, subsequently exploiting the private content across various social apps for their own selfish gains.

Fille’s decision is deeply rooted in the understanding that many individuals deliberately release private content of their former partners as an act of revenge in the aftermath of failed relationships.

“Numerous individuals do not willingly release their explicit material. Instead, these private contents are surreptitiously acquired and subsequently used as bargaining chips, with leaks becoming the ultimate recourse when other tactics fail”, she highlighted.

In addition to her insights, she emphasized the importance of implementing stringent legal measures as a means to counter this growing problem. She stressed that such laws would play a pivotal role in safeguarding women against the distribution and threats of nude images.


Her heartfelt appeal underscores the pressing need for proactive measures to ensure the dignity and privacy of individuals, especially women, in an increasingly interconnected digital age.



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