Abeeka Band joins Mainstream Music, Release first single “Danse Danse


As a band, playing live music is pretty much like bread and butter. Abeeka band has gone a hard yard and hit the studio and recorded their first song which we all hope will be your masterpiece and always on replay on your playlists.

Besides entertaining you with their best live band sessions at different events and occasions, the all boy band has taken the bar high by hitting the music road to bring out their music creativity and production to the fans.

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Their debut song Danse Danse was purely written and produced by the Abeeka Band its self with mastered beats and lyrics that bring out the dances and vibes from a music loving fan. It’s a song that everyone would love to groove to in their happy moments and times. It’s so danceable and likeable.

Everyone on the band played their best instrument in the production of the song making it more grooving and melodious. Lyrics are so simple and sweet to listen to, in the last chorus they give shout outs to outstanding musicians

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The boy band that comprises of Kevin Sekasi, Allan Okia, Sebulime Michael, Lubwama James aka pages, Trevor Muhumuza is proving their quite different ways of entertaining their fans through being a band that’s great in the studio by releasing their own music, a band great on the live stage and also being amazing both on stage and off.


There are a select few bands like Abeeka that manage to bring exactly what they lay down in the studio to the live stage.

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The video is awesome and full of crazy moves and dance styles. It’s full of the five Abeeka Band boys and a few videos vixens. It’s simple, fun and not crowded.
The color and shots are also very fine and rich.

The Video was shot in a ghetto setting location with great lighting a sets which makes it top tier.

With their new first song, all we can say is they have found a way to combine their musical talent and showmanship to bring about their best live music and creativity that sounds just as good as they are.



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