6 YEARS LATER: Chameleone Reconciles with Club Guvnor, Returns with Show


Reconciliation involves forgiveness which forgiveness guarantees a restored relationship, this is exactly what has come to reality between Singer Dr Jose Chameleone and Club Guvnor.

6 years later, Chameleone will officially return to the night cub in a musical show that will also feature the Afrigo band on 29th July 2022! In a post via his social media, the legendary singer potrayed humility towards Guvnor Boss Charlie Lubega and its entire management! He also disclosed how he made peace with DJ Bryan who their rift caused his ban.

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Chameleon’s Facebook post

The self proclaimed music Doctor together with his crew members were banned from the industrial based night club in early November 2016. His ban which formally came through an issued statement from Guvnor followed a physical fight with DJ Bryan, then official Deejay of the club. It was later learnt that Chameleone got physical because dread locked Bryan didn’t play his music amidst his presence.

Chameleone’s ban from Guvnor was the second of a kind at the time after another ban from Kololo’s Wink bar where he had earlier joined forces with his brothers Pallaso and Weasle to beat up their former manager Jeff Kiwa.



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