Music Review: Masavu By Azawi.


Recently, Azawi’s latest track “Masavu” has been causing a stir in the music industry, particularly due to a unique collaboration that appears to feature the late Mowzey Radio.

However, the controversy arises from the fact that the voice resembling Radio’s is actually generated using AI technology.

The song, which has been dominating Ugandan airwaves, has prompted debates and discussions about the authenticity of the collaboration.


While some speculate that Azawi may have access to unreleased tracks from Radio, the artist has stepped forward to clarify the situation.

Despite the controversy, “Masavu” continues to gain popularity across various media platforms, showcasing Azawi’s talent and the innovative use of technology in music production.

The audio of the song was expertly crafted by Lolo Beats Records and directed by Savon R.



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