Singer Grenade Official Is A Fool Says Spark TV Presenter Kheem GK 


Over the weekend, singer Grenade Official asked the government to ban international artists from performing in Uganda. He believes that international stars are paid highly, leaving promoters with nothing to offer to local singers.

“Government, I know you are watching. I am requesting you to ban all these international artists from Uganda. No company should be allowed to bring in an artist from outside countries. This has to stop; you can’t say Tems can be better musically here in Uganda than Sheebah,” Grenade said earlier.

Now, Spark TV’s Kheem GK has branded Grenade dense for his call and asked the struggling singer to go to the studio and release music instead of crying crocodile tears.

“Honestly, I find that dense. Our musicians just need to go to the studios and do good work,” Kheem GK said during his morning show on Tuesday.

Kheem GK believes Uganda is a free economy and shouldn’t have restrictions.



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