ERIC OMONDI: I’m not gay – I’m only entertaining my fans!


Self-proclaimed president of comedy, Eric Omondi has broken his silence over claims of him being gay. Speaking during an interview, Eric clarified that there are gay, transgenders, trans-queens, cross-dressers and artistes.

“An artiste, like Eric Omondi, is an entertainer. The reason he is dressed like that is for entertainment. To pass a certain message or to make someone laugh or to just entertainment,” he said. The comedian also said when he dresses like a woman he should not be taken to be gay, adding that that one cannot go to the homosexual or cross-dresser to ask them whether they are comedians.

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“They are not, they are gay and it is the same way you cannot ask a comedian whether they are gay because of their theatrics,” he emphasized.

He further explained that in his Divalicious show, he plays the character of a 21-year-old female in college pursuing International Relations and Tourism who came to Nairobi just a few months ago. He said the Divalicious character is trying to be a socialite who is interviewing celebrities trying to empower women. He also clapped back at his ‘haters’ saying they ought to get ready because it is going to get worse.

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“Divalicious has just arrived and we are just starting. So I’m worried, I am very worried because we are just introducing her. Let them get ready because there is gonna be a lot more Divalicious between now and December. Actually a bit too much,” he said.

He also explained that every renowned comedian has targeted a woman character, adding that 70 per cent of his followers are women and that very few women have a problem with Divalicious because they relate with her.



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