Nwagi hits at Galaxy FM, Escalates War Between them & Swangz Avenue


There is a growing brand rivalry between Swangz Avenue and Galaxy FM and evident signs prove its not ending anytime soon.

After a long while of Winnie Nwagi fans demanding for her Concert from Swangz Avenue, the Music label on Friday finally announced her Maiden concert slated to happen on September 9, 2022 at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

20220803 142719

In that line, Galaxy FM radio took to its social media to post a flyer of this show in a bid to show support for Nwagi, a songstress they have since termed the most talented at the Industrial Area based music label. To their dismay, the self Proclaimed Fire Baby threw them under the bus in a a replied message that read,

“I don’t need you to Advertise for me…”!

The original tweet was however later deleted by Galaxy FM. At this point, this proved that the beef is still hot between the Industrial Area and the Ggaba Road based Brands.

20220803 141716
A screenshot of Winnie Nwagi’s Reply to Galaxy FM’s Advert Tweet that was later deleted

The Genesis of this “Beef” draws back to days shortly before Azawi’s concert and the very day of her concert! According to Swangz and its close Associates, Galaxy FM radio played them dirty by spreading false accusations against their artiste aswell as her concert! Galaxy FM, through their sensationalized tabloid news website ran a story saying that Azawi is a big star who was poorly packaged! Their headline went like,

Packaged like Rihanna but sold like Full Figure! Afraid of a flop, Azawi gives away free tickets to local fans she had ignored for long”!

Additionally, on the day of Azawi’s concert, the same Radio station via their social platforms posted a photo of unoccupied chairs in the audience on their platforms with a caption talking about how the show was underway, this same post was perceived as a move by Galaxy FM to portray Azawi’s concert as a flop!

With all this in play, where does this leave the Radio that says is big on Ugandan music, at a point its in fights with Ugandan artistes? Secondly, where does Swangz Avenue stay as a label with Ugandan artistes that need airplay and push from a station that’s been way up there in pushing its artistes music for along as they have released music? Conclusively, where will all this end, don’t the 2 brands need each other? If so, how about the brand bosses make peace for the betterment of both their businesses?

20220803 142513
Galaxy Fm presenter Detacha & Winnie Nwagi in Galaxy FM studios the last time the songstress was at the Radio Station ( Photo Credit: Galaxy FM )

Whatever solution there is for the 2 brands, we can authoritatively confirm that they are not at good terms with each other, where all this will end is a story we shall tell then, for now, let’s keep enjoying the jabs and kicks from both sides!



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