Why Tenge Tenge’s Parents Want Him To Leave Social Media.


In a surprising turn of events, the parents of social media sensation Rango Tenge Tenge have reportedly regained custody of their son from his manager, Mike. Known for his distinctive dance moves and captivating content, Tenge Tenge’s parents believe they can provide better guidance for his career.

Amid suspicions of financial gains by Mike, the family intends to centralize all earnings and is even considering creating new social media accounts to ensure exclusive control over Rango’s collaborations. Kid Dee initially shared this development on their TikTok account, sparking a variety of reactions from social media users. While some criticize Tenge’s parents for their intervention, others express support for their decision.

As the story unfolds, there is anticipation for a statement from Tenge’s parents to shed light on their perspective. We will continue to provide updates on this developing situation.



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