Momo 19 and Singer Daxx Kartel Celebrate the Arrival of Twins.


Great news has emerged as former TV presenter, Momo 19, and her husband, singer Daxx Kartel, joyfully welcome a set of twins. Momo 19 had revealed her pregnancy last year through social media posts featuring the caption “Mummy,” keeping the anticipation alive until today, February 22, 2024, when she successfully gave birth at an undisclosed hospital.

While the gender and names of the newborns remain undisclosed, close sources confirm that both the mother and the twins are in good health. This marks the first set of children for Momo 19 and Daxx Kartel as a married couple.

In a heartwarming development, Momo 19 and Daxx Kartel will now be addressed as Ssalongo and Nalongo, respectively, following the joyful addition of twins to their household.


It’s worth noting that this joyous news comes after Momo 19 faced challenges with her in-laws, who previously suggested finding another woman for Daxx due to perceived difficulties in conceiving.



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