Why Navit was fired from Swangz and the bitter relationship with Theron Music

Navit while he was still at Swangz Avenue/ courtesy photo

In December last year Swangz Avenue made a public notice that conformed the end of their working relationship with Ivan Ssenyonga alias Navit. He was part of Azawi’s artists and repertoire team.

“Notice to inform the general public that Mr. Ssenyonga Ivan aka Navit is no  longer an employee at Swangz Avenue and is therefore not mandated to conduct any business under artist bookings and management on the company’s behalf with immediate effect. Any one that deals with him is going so at his/her own risk and Swangz Avenue will not be liable,” Swangz warned through a notice.

According to a credible source, Navit swindled an events organizer in Luweero and his act led to a series of incidents that almost threatened Azawi’s career and brand.

 “Last year Navit received money from a one promoter called Frank who had organized a show in Luwero. When Navit received the money, he did not report it to Swangz so when they asked for their balance so that the artist could hit the stage, the organizer revealed he had given the money to Navit. Because they had not received the money, Azawi chose not to perform but to leave with her other repertoire Jaylor. In the process, they allegedly hit some one,” source reveals

Source adds that Azawi and her team drove off heading to Gulu and they were arrested at Bweyale. “Azawi, Navit and Jaylor spent the night in the coolers. They compensated the situation with two shows and Navit was fired,” source continues to say, Adding that after Navit was fired, he secured a job in Theron music, the management of Kataleya and Kandle.

“Swangz later realized that Navit had got also cheated over 10 million for shows so he was arrested a week ago at Jinja road police station. He was saved by Theron Music boss who intervined in his lawyers. They agreed that Navit pays Swangz and also asked the record lable to let Navit focus on his new job as he pays in bits.



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