Why MC Kats Rant at Julius Kyazze isn’t Justifiable!


There has been an outburst of clips on socialmedia where events host and media personality MC Kats is attacking Swangz Avenue Boss Julius Kyazze.

The short clips, mostly cut from an over 30 minutes video on one of the YouTube channels portray Kats lamenting how Julius Kyazze is a user in the music industry who portrays himself as a lover of the same industry.

He says – Julius used him on his way up only to trash him down the bin when he got to the top.

“Julius you used me! You didn’t f*ck*n pay me any money. You took me to all schools in this country on tours that saw your Buzz Brand on top. I did for you all your events. Have you ever paid me a million? Not even 500K!” – a highly angered Kats said in his rant.

“I have love for all people and my thoughts are with everyone facing the same pain from Julius. Many people dislike you because your not loyal, you’ve played them games and iam only representing the many by calling you out. I don’t fear you motherf*cker .” he added.

His rants conflated a series of theories about the origin of Swangz Avenue, a Brand he says was started without Julius’s knowledge only for him to come and claim it – in the long run playing dirty to the real people who started Swangz.

“Julius was no where in this business, he was a mother fuck*n dancer when we started Swangz at Muswangali. He only brainwashed Benon and later sugar coated our brand to Swangz Avenue. Vampino was a key pillar in the Genesis of Swangz. Julius you played him dirty and today he doesn’t even own a percentage in the same company. You’re a user” Kats further says.


Why Kats’s Rant is Baseless

Firstly, its sad if MC Kats was never paid by Julius for all the years he worked for him on his projects – however was he forced? If not – his rants cease to make any sense.

Just because he worked for Julius at free cost does not mean Julius had to return the same favor, if he did – it would be out of courtsey. Its known that any service rendered in business must be paid for, if Kats chose to work for free at the time, that was his problem – his rants only call for pity but can not be justifiable.

Times have changed, Brands grow and shift in the rightful direction of growth. Julius Kyazze and Swangz Avenue are currently not the Brands Kats claims to have started or been part of during their Genesis.

Alot has changed, today Swangz Avenue operates as a formal business fully registered something that was not the case back in the day, today its a business and not a “One Love” entity that Kats still thinks it is – by that virtue, the free services MC Kats expected to get from Julius as a person who he was there for can not come into play.

Although Julius is the boss, he is bound by company policy –  I don’t think Swangz Avenue policy states anywhere that their artistes should perform anywhere for free the way MC Kats feels like Kyazze would have offered him his artiste “Winnie Nwagi” for an upcountry show for free! On the same note, I don’t think Kats would still do any gigs for free today like he did back in the day.

In Evolution of Passion – there is a point where Passion turns into a business. Unfortunately, Kats still wants Julius Kyazze to treat Swangz Avenue as a passion entity and not a business entity something that I believe is totally wrong.

Over the years, MC Kats has failed to professionalise his craft – he still takes his craft as  passion at a time he would be treating it as a business, if he only treated his passion as a business – he would understand why Julius Kyazze couldn’t treat him as a brother in a dealing with Swangz Avenue, that shifted from a brotherhood and passion entity to a business.

Although MC Kats claims to have been part of the Genesis of Muswangali – that later became Swangz Avenue, his rants are not formally justified although they seemingly appear true.

In times like these, you can’t claim ownership or attachment by just word of mouth, but by a legal binding. In this day and age, one who alleges must prove –  not just proving but showing formal evidence to a claim. Can MC Kats formally prove anywhere that he was part of the Genesis of Swangz Avenue? Well, Julius can!

What is disturbing Kats is failure to shift and accept the Reality of the Present in the business he claims to be passionate about. If he only knew that Swangz Avenue has been a combination of business efforts and not brotherhood code efforts to get to where it is now, he would not ask for freebies from a man like Julius.

Lastly on the same note, why would he choose to work for free yet he knew he was offering a service – okay lets call it passion and brotherhood, was ranting on media the best way of demanding for a Return of favor from Julius?

I only think, their’s was a game of courtesy, Julius can only help out Kats with free services from his brand only “Out of Courtsey” not as an assured favor that MC Kats feels entitled to.

What needs to be Done?

In one of his mid 2000 songs, Bobiwine said in one of the lines that – “What makes a Man a Real Man is the way he handles his disappointment”.

On the other hand, Michelle Obama’s 2017 book “BECOMING” talks of reflection in times of personal differences.

The above paragraphs are key takeaways both Kats and Julius need to ponder about.

Firstly, as MC Kats, the first thing you should do is ask yourself if putting out your anger publicly in the media was the best option? Was there no better way of addressing your grievances with Kyazze in a more appropriate manner. I want to believe you have mutual friends, what is their role in helping you address the way you handle disappointments. I believe whatever happened was between the two of you and can only be solved by the two of you without the publics interference.

For Julius Kyazze, on the other hand – an emotionally wise thing to do is ask yourself if you did something wrong. Maybe they are right to be angry with you. At the same time, keep in mind that their anger may be justified, but they’re still expressing it in a maladaptive and problematic way

So maybe they’re right to be mad but not right to express it the way they are. I tease these apart because we can address our own mistakes even when someone else is being cruel. We can say, ‘I made a mistake, and I’ll fix it, but you shouldn’t treat me that way.’

Main call to action.

20230127 071930

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The show is rhyming under the theme “Artiste to Fans” featuring a couple of artistes ready to entertain you.

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