Why I regret being famous – Akothee


Akothee has opened up on how she once almost fought with a fan who secretly filmed her while shopping with her family.

In a post on social media, the songbird, born Nancy Akoth, suggests the incident made her regret being famous. “I regret the day I became famous, she explained. “Even with my neck support and funny face, some people would still insist on a selfie  Eeee Is this really love ama ni kitu sijui (or is there something I do not know) ?”

Akothee (Courtesy)

“Sometimes I’m in pain and just pushing a little bit of life! Spare me the impromptu photos PLEASE!,” The singer adds that some fans are weird as they will not say hi to her in public but will immediately pull out a phone and start recording her. “Someone tell me why some fans would meet you in a shop, not say hi or one word, pretend like they have not seen you, then immediately take out their phones and start recording you and taking photos and when you notice them they hide.”

“I almost became physical with one who became very rude to my sister-in-law who caught her with a whole movie of me and my family shopping.”



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