Where do you go in your sleep? Film maker asks in new movie

A scene from the movie

In the dream world, things are puzzling and hard to understand. People remember their dreams, but they can’t quite explain them.

People all over the world try to show what dreams are like through art, stories, and movies. Western films like “The Sandman,” “Slumberland,” and “Inception” tell exciting stories about dreams. But Ugandan filmmaker Bayan Nalubwama tells a different story about dreams in her latest movie.

Titled “Death Call: Where Do You Go in Your Sleep?” The film is a story about a new graduate whose soul gets trapped a scary dream on her graduation day. She faces death in her dream, but her mom’s prayers help her escape.

DSC 1524
A scene from the movie

The writer got the idea for the movie after having different conversations with people who can’t sleep due to fear of having nightmares.

With research, she realised that dreams often have important messages, though people rarely pay attention to them. Some religious teachings say dreams can be messages from God or even from ancestors.

Nalubwama wants people to take their dreams seriously. She says dreams can warn us about dangers or help us through tough times.


The movie, which is nine minutes long, was produced by Isaac Nende and Media Lane Filmz. It stars Rania Nassuna, Faith Nassuna, Katrina Namuddu, and Hamza Ssenoga.



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