UNCUT gossip show returns on TV tonight


Next Media Services has finally shifted their famous UNCUT SABULA gossip show to 10pm effective Tuesday 26, October 2020. The show that previously aired on NBS TV between 7:45 -8:30pm on week days has however moved to NBS sister station Sanyuka TV.

Last week on Wednesday, this website reported on how UCC passed a directive to TV stations to have their gossip show programmes rescheduled from their initial prime time to between 10pm and 5am. The directive followed complaints from the public and a couple of entertainers about how the presenters for the gossip shows dress indecently and broadcast scandalous content.

At a point when other Shows are in talks with the regulator body, the UNCUT team, which identifies itself as “Unapologetic, Uncensored & Unfiltered” has geared up for what they have termed as UNCUT Season 3 with the main hosts as Zahara Ttoto and Kayz.


With UNCUT shifting from NBS TV at 7:45pm to Sanyuka TV at 10pm, the big questions that remain are; will it pull the numbers and regain its previous might? Will it favorably compete with the political talk shows that are associated with the 10pm oclock hour? Will the former sponsors bounce back in that time period? Will the audience adjust to the 10pm oclock hour? and lastly, with Sanyuka TV being exclusive to only star times subscribers, where are the other viewers that subscribe to other TV service providers left?

Its all a matter of time, lets wait and see, all the best to the UNCUT team.



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