UNCC Clarifies Misinformation Surrounding Evelyn Lagu’s Farewell at the National Theatre


The untimely demise of renowned Songstress and Actress Evelyn Lagu sent shockwaves through the music and arts industry. In the wake of her passing, a controversy arose regarding the location of her farewell event. Bbosa Sserunkuma, a representative from the Zubairi Family, where the late artist frequently performed, claimed that Lagu had expressed a desire for her fans to bid her farewell at the National Theatre. However, this wish appeared to be in jeopardy as conflicting reports emerged about whether the National Theatre had granted permission for her event.

According to Sserunkuma, they had reached out to the National Theatre management to secure the venue for Evelyn Lagu’s final send-off, mirroring the way other artists have been commemorated at the iconic location in the past. He asserted that their request was denied, with the management citing inadequate notice as the reason for their refusal. However, the National Theatre management has categorically refuted these claims, asserting a different version of events.


In an official response, Musiitwa Robert, the Head of Public Relations at the Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC) – National Theatre, expressed their deep condolences to the family and friends of the late Evelyn Lagu, extending heartfelt sympathies during this difficult time.

Robert clarified, “Indeed, we looked forward to receiving her body at UNCC – The National Theatre on Tuesday evening, as per the communication we had with the organizers. Earlier, we discussed with the organizers that during the daytime, there were fellow artists whose programs couldn’t be disrupted since they had booked space months ago. Therefore, we agreed with the organizers that Lagu’s body be brought at 5:30 pm and spend the night at UNCC – The National Theatre.”

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Robert Musiitwa, UNCC Spokesperson

He continued, “Regrettably, we were disheartened to see misinformation circulating in the media, suggesting that UNCC Management had refused to host her body. In reality, we were eagerly anticipating her arrival at UNCC as per the agreed-upon schedule. We want to emphasize that we would never deny any artist a fitting farewell within their artistic home.”

Robert’s statement makes it clear that the National Theatre was fully prepared to host Evelyn Lagu’s farewell event and that they had coordinated with the organizers to ensure a smooth and respectful farewell.

As the controversy surrounding the farewell location is now clarified, the music and arts community can unite in mourning the loss of this talented artist. Evelyn Lagu’s memory will live on through her music, and the National Theatre remains committed to providing a dignified and suitable farewell for artists who have made a significant contribution to Uganda’s cultural heritage.

The UNCC – National Theatre stands with Evelyn Lagu’s family during this trying moment, paying tribute to a remarkable artist who will be dearly missed.



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