UMA ELECTIONS: Lango Artists endorse Cindy, Phina & Hanson for Musicians Leadership


Musicians that subscribe to Uganda Musicians Association in Lango Region have agreed to back Cindy Sanyu and her allies in the same race of taking on the associations leadership.

IMG 20220513 WA0020
Some of the Artists from Lango region during the campaign at Lira Hotel

Addressing the artists who gathered at Lira Hotel on Friday morning, Cindy Sanyu who seeks to regain her Presidency position was accompanied by  Hanson  Baliruno who wants to deputize her as Vice President and Phina Masanyalaze  standing for Secretary General. The trio laid down their manifestos to these artists who at the end promise to offer them their full support.

IMG 20220513 WA0012
Hanson Baliruno (L), Cindy (C) & King Blood Moon (R)

Phina who is seeking for re-election for the same position was tasked to speak about some of the achievements reached upon during the last term of office where she led together with Cindy. Phina mentioned many of the achievements reached upon ranging from countrywide registration of musicians that saw artists like them in Lango registered among many others. She mentioned that there are many demands in the sector, therefore it needs people who understand the structures and have lobbying capacity. 

“I am capable of leading my fellow musicians, not that I am doubting the capability of other musicians but I know that I can because i have done it in the past, you have seen me in parliament before lobbying with other stakeholders in the industry”, she said.

While addressing the artists, Cindy asked for a second term in office. “I am seeking re-election but this time as the president of the association. Two years were not enough for me to make changes  in the industry”, she said. Among the issues she plans to tackle include the implementation of the copyright law, sexual harassment especially among female musicians and capacity building on music branding.

IMG 20220513 WA0011
Cindy addressing Musicians during the campaign at Lira Hotel

She also hinted on the fast growing vice of male fans sexually harrassing female artists which she promised to work on severely “We dress to entertain as female musicians but not for the men to touch our private parts, that is not called for, not at all”, she mentioned.

Hanson Baliruno who wants the Vice President position rallied the musicians to vote for him for lobbying purposes.

 “I have connections in East Africa and the Diaspora so vote for me. I will bring musicians from there that can collaborate here to improve on your music”, he said.

The artists that moved from allover the districts that make up the Lango region aired out their issues to the candidates and through their leader, King BloodMoon, they asked them to keep going back to the grassroots and consult them in order to have an even more organized music industry.

IMG 20220513 WA0023
Phina Masanyalaze campaigning in Lira

After leaving Lira, the trio of Cindy, Hanson and Phina took their guns to the Karamoja Region where they met with the musicians for another campaign in Moroto town. The UMA elections slated for Monday 23 May 2022 are in high gear and currently various candidates are campaigning for their respective positions.



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