Ugaboys & Pallaso Clash Over Music Criticism


Ugaboys and Pallaso find themselves embroiled in a heated online feud sparked by Ugaboys’ criticism of Pallaso’s recent collaboration with Konshens on “Want Money.”

In an interview with Galaxy TV, Ugaboys voiced their disapproval of Pallaso’s latest track, sparking a fiery exchange between the two camps.

Pallaso swiftly retaliated on his social media platform, labeling Ugaboys as “Amapiano wannabes” incapable of producing a hit song.

In response, Ugaboys hit back, highlighting Pallaso’s lengthy journey in the music industry. They pointed out that despite starting his career in 2005, it took him nearly a decade to achieve his first hit song, “Amaaso,” a collaboration with Radio & Weasel in 2014. This jab struck a nerve with Pallaso, who was accused of having a quick temper by Ugaboys.


The feud escalated as Pallaso labeled Ugaboys as “old upcoming” artists and declared it his duty to revive failed careers.

Amidst the online clash, Ugaboys have solidified their own success, notably with their breakout hit “Salary,” exciting audiences and dominating charts in the past year.



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