UB40 featuring Ali Campbell Concert Postponed


Fans of UB40 featuring Ali Campbell in Uganda will have to wait a bit longer for the highly anticipated concert as the event, scheduled for Thursday, December 21, 2023, at Kololo Airstrip, has been unexpectedly postponed.

In a statement released by the concert organizers, the decision to postpone the event was attributed to an unforeseeable occurrence at the venue on the preceding day. The statement read, “It is with sincere regret and disappointment that we announce the unexpected postponement of the UB40 featuring Ali Campbell concert scheduled for the 21st day of December 2023 at the Kololo Independence Grounds due to an unforeseeable event at the same venue that is beyond our control.”


The organizers expressed their apologies to stakeholders, partners, and customers, assuring them that a new date would be communicated in due course and that all purchased tickets would remain valid.

While the statement did not explicitly mention the cause of the postponement, it is widely believed that the clash with the book launch of Uganda’s 1st Deputy Prime Minister, Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, was the primary factor. Kadaga is set to launch her book titled “The Path Way to Greatness” at Kololo Airstrip on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, at 3:00 pm.


The sudden scheduling conflict has led to disorganization for the concert organizers, who now face challenges in setting up the venue in just one day. Fans who were eagerly anticipating the reggae-infused sounds of UB40 featuring Ali Campbell are now urged to await further communication regarding the rescheduled date.

In a social media post, Deputy Prime Minister Kadaga expressed her excitement about the book launch, stating, “Delighted to announce that tomorrow afternoon, I will be launching my book ‘Pathway to Greatness’ at Kololo airstrip at 3:00 pm.”

Despite the disappointment for Ugandan fans, there is a silver lining for international fans of UB40 featuring Ali Campbell. The band is set to perform at the World Tennis League for this year’s sporting and entertainment event in Abu Dhabi on Saturday, December 23, 2023, as part of a special ‘Reggae Night’ concert.

As the Ugandan concert undergoes rescheduling, fans and stakeholders are hopeful for a swift resolution, and the anticipation for UB40 featuring Ali Campbell’s performance in Uganda remains high.



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