The Untold Story of how Sipapa met President Museveni!


Over 10 years ago, a then less known Sipapa happened in the social circles.

Sipapa, real names Charles Olim made his debut into the showbiz world as a music promoter under the label Sipapa entertainment. Then he brought artistes like Serena Bata and Melody among many others.

As years passed, the initially less known Sipapa started having his face out, making appearances everywhere, splashing money of various currencies aswell as cruising in the latest wheels. While at it, just like many other people of a kind, he started falling into problems that later got him named as a dreaded burglar in the city with many claims and cases of alleged robbery, theft and public misconduct.

In a rather fast change of events, the notorious Sipapa got a chance of meeting the President, Yoweri Museveni. This meeting that happened on October 31st 2019 at State House was the Genesis of all the recent past wrong doings and dealings of this self proclaimed “Rich man”. During the meeting with the president, Sipapa had a photo opportunity with Mr Museveni which he has since used to his mischievous advantage!

The big question however is, how did this self acclaimed local Robin Hood meet the President?

According to our close sources,  September and October 2019 were months when a good section of the then People Power movement defected to NRM. Among those was a one Jennifer Nakanguubi, popularity known as Full Figure who at the time had unlimited access to the President and the state house. At the time, many Ghetto Youths and local people from various walks of life met Museveni through Full Figure.

This is a time when Sipapa, a very close associate of Full Figure then maneuvered through the gates and doors of State House to access the President.


While at it, his main mission was to have a photo with the President that he would later use to his advantage and true to that, he has previously pulled off law breaking acts with defense that he has close and direct contact to the President.

Like they say, a thief always has only 40 days, things finally back fired for Sipapa when he was arrested by Police over alleged involvement in Kampala in which over shs. 1.6 billion was stolen! In addition to his false close contact and connection with the President, Lt. Gen. Proscovia Nalweyiso, the Presidential Advisor on Defense Affairs came out and put Sipapa in his rightful league by punching holes into the impression he had created that he is highly placed!

Gen. Nalweyiso says she has been at the forefront of the operations to Crack down on the elusive Sipapa. She further adds that its her who ordered the withdrawal of all the military guards that Sipapa was moving with!

After his arrest, the big question that remains is, Will Sipapa finally be upheld for his wrong doing?. This is because he has been in these same scandals before, held by authorities but later come out unscathed!



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