The Return of Zari`s “All White Party”


In 2017, Uganda lost debatadely one of the most prominent socialites the country has ever seen in the showbiz industry.
The deceased together with his beloved sweet heart by then Zari Hassan had always stole the show every December as they showered clubs with money and free booze.

Now, Zari’s All White party is on this week at Motiv but when asked if other South Africa based Ugandan business people will attend her party, she said that December parties are never the same without Ivan Semwanga.
“Truth is December parties died with Ivan. He was a motivation to other ba summers who worked hard to also put up parties like his. Because his party had glamour with the most luxurious cars coming into the country, others also worked hard to do the same. He was a motivation but I think with the return of the White Party, that sort of arrangement is also coming back,” she said.

Nevertheless, despite December parties losing their steam, Zari looks to be on the course to revive the party spirit with her white party.
During a press conference that happened over the weekend at Talent Africa, Zari promised that this specific edition is going to be bigger and better than all her previous editions.

Zari Hassan 4

“This is not going to be an ordinary show. It is going to be the biggest End of Year party from performances, appearances, and showcases among others. We are also bringing in luxurious cars that you have never seen in Uganda. Five are in already,” she said.
She is slated to collaborate with A-list event organizer Aly Alibhai, who has master minded some of the biggest events in the country, with the most prolific one being Nyege Nyege.
Zari’s effort to bring back the party spirit Kampala’s night life deserves will see her invite some of Africa’s biggest A -listers for her annual All white party.

Zari starred in the Netflix`s Young, Famous and African in its first season this year. Fans got to see how she and Diamond handled infidelity when the singer got another child outside their relationship.
To this, she promises to showcase some of the world’s most coveted rides, even those that have not been seen on the Kampala streets before.
Ivan Semwanga was Zari ‘s husband and the two had and the two had three sons together.



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