The Posho Hunt: When a journalist has to focus on more than a story


During the first phase of the’ COVID-19 lockdown, the government of Uganda promised relief food distribution. This exercise was a success to those who were deemed lucky and a no profit to others.

Filmmaker Swaib Nakibinge’s home was one of those that missed out. So much was said and curses were provoked hence the making of The Posho Hunt movie which is set to premier on December 17, 2023 at club ambiance.

“When other areas were getting the COVID 19 relief, some of us (Nansana residents) were left out. It was so hard watching people starve as they held onto the little hope which in the end wasn’t fulfilled,” Swaib explained

The film is a story about a rookie journalist, who in pursuit of intriguing stories meets a fourteen-year boy, whose family missed out on the relief food yet he needs to feed his younger sister.

This ambitious and passionate journalist was promised to be retained and is under deadline but he must choose either to first help the young breadwinner get food or concentrate on writing and submitting the captivating story.

The film is a production of crane films production and has talents like Ibrahim Musa Mayanja, Reagan Mukasa, Georgia Kahunde, Ratifah Nabatanzi, Sinani Ssentongo, Aisha Kiyaga and Wilson Kitatta as the casts. It was written by Swaib Nakibinge and directed By Sinani Sentongo.



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