Talent Africa Group Announces the Grand Return of Jameson & Friends


In an exciting revelation, Talent Africa Group has declared the much-anticipated return of the 2024 first edition of “Jameson and Friends.” Set to kick off the new year in style, this extraordinary day-into-night experience is scheduled for January 27th at the iconic 5th Street Industrial Area, starting from 4:00 PM till late.


“Jameson and Friends” is not just an event; it’s a celebration of connections, art, and the joy of shared moments. Designed to be an unforgettable evening of bonding and connecting, attendees are promised a night filled with pure enjoyment and lasting memories.

As the clock strikes midnight ushering in 2024, the event aims to create an atmosphere where friends can bond and connect while creating lasting memories. More than just a night out, it’s about starting the year with positive vibes and good company, sharing experiences, and widening the circle.

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The organizers, Talent Africa Group, renowned for orchestrating dynamic events, have spared no effort in ensuring an ultimate experience for attendees. Soccer enthusiasts will have the chance to strengthen bonds and make new connections while enjoying the AFCON tournament and sipping on Jameson cocktails with the possibility of winning exciting prizes.

With an unprecedented artist lineup, “Jameson and Friends” promises an experience even better than the previous year. Carsten, Lukas Blacc Ambroy Ngaruye, Adele Kiele, Viana Indi, Dj Mas, Dj Jeffas, Dj kasBaby, Dj Tony, and Dj Heydez are set to collaborate, delivering a one-of-a-kind performance that will set the tone for the rest of the year.

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The event seamlessly transitions from day to night, embodying the spirit of togetherness and emphasizing that experiences are richer and more memorable when shared with friends. Attendees can expect an atmosphere filled with good vibes and rhythm while sipping on the smooth sophistication of a Jameson cocktail.

Limited tickets for this exceptional event are now available at TagTicketing.com, priced at a reasonable 20,000 UGX. Alternatively, tickets can be obtained by dialing 16598 on MTN. Don’t miss this chance to celebrate the beginning of the year with friends, music, and a free cocktail to toast to new beginnings.

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“Jameson and Friends” is brought to you by Talent Africa Group, an innovative leading event management company dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for its audience. The event is presented in collaboration with Safe Boda and Jameson, promising a night that will leave attendees with lasting memories and a tribe that feels like family.



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