Sabotage Movie Trailer Unveiled


Reach A Hand Uganda in partnership with Sauti+ Media Hub and Nabwiso Films has unveiled the SABOTAGE movie trailer with the premier set to be released on 15th February 2024.

The film stars Stella Natumbwe, Sharifa Ali, Denid Kinan, Nampanga Pelly and others in a gripping drama about a career driven woman who finds love and is excited about her dream traditional wedding until she finds out she is carrying her father-in-law’s child.

Some of the films cast members during the reveal

While addressing guests and the press at the official unveiling, Matthew Nabwiso said, “The vision of Reach A Hand Uganda and Nabwiso Films converges seamlessly as we both harness the power of film to create meaningful social change. We take immense pride in this production and are thrilled about the upcoming premiere. We are eager for ‘Sabotage’ to resonate with audiences and catalyze essential conversations within the comfort of people’s homes.”


The film is centered on the themes of culture and traditional values and how these intersect with the sexual and reproductive health rights of women in Uganda.

Stella Nantumbwe one of the cast members during the reveal

Humphrey Nabimanya – the film’s Executive Producer – said, “As Reach A Hand Uganda, our venture into leveraging film for Social Behavioural Change Communication began a while back, and reflecting on this journey, we’re thrilled with our progress. ‘SABOTAGE’ is a groundbreaking production that is set to redefine everything. Packed with drama and intense conversations often left unspoken, this film is not merely a mirror of our society; it’s a catalyst for substantial change. It goes beyond the ordinary, stirring conversations and inspiring transformation.” Sabotage is a production of Sauti Plus Media Hub – a full-service media and production house using creative outlets to push for social behavioural change for the youth.



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