#SPLIT? Has Ykee Benda parted ways with his singer Dre Cali?


The talk of an alleged split between Mpaka Records singers Ykee Benda and his signee Dre Cali has been around for over a fortnight now. Although the two seemed inseparable, at this point we can confirm there is something between them, just like they say there is no smoke without fire.

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Dre Cali

There are very many sides of the story with a section of their close associates claiming that the pair fell out over money related issues whereas there is another narrative that says the Ebisooka Nebisembayo singer simply relocated to Canada, USA in search for greener pastures. Its further alleged that in Canada, the singer was granted a 10-year visa after recently performing there. At this point, the big question is, are the two still together? Matter of time, we shall keep you posted.

Dre Cali and Ykee Benda

In the same vein, Ykee Benda has indirectly addressed the allegations on his social media, the Kirabo Music Album singer through his Facebook page said that one ought to move forward because there is more money in the future than in the past. According to his followers, this was an indirect message to Dre Cali with a confirmation of a financial scuffle between the two.

“THere’s more money in your future than there’s in your past. Keep moving forward,” Ykee Benda posted!

It should be noted that Dre Cali real names Steven Andrew Katende made his debut hit under Ykee Benda’s label Mpaka Records, a group that branded him and packaged him as a musical brand that we see today. Like said earlier, Benda and Dre seemed close to inseparable in the past.


True to that, they did a song together title Kisenge months back. With that background, hopefully that narrative stands by them sorting out their issues. It’s further rumored that the reason Dre Cali’s music has stalled a bit is that he quit the label which was almost spoon-feeding him.



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