Sheebah and Spice Diana diehards take front in musicians’ beef saga

Sheebah Karungi and Spice Diana during the launch of Star Gal EP

Yesterday evening social media was awash with the news that musician spice Diana had unfollowed fellow artist Sheebah Karungi on Instagram and Facebook and deleted any pictures she had on Sheebah on her page.

Sheebaholics through their Instagram waged war on Spice Diana through a long post. They translated her name to Luganda from Spice to Birungo and addressed the situation in a long post.

The post reads that Birungo is fond of playing the victim and not taking accountability in anything she does. The poster claimed that Spice befriended Sheebah to win Sheebaholics’ hearts but things did not work in her favor because Sheebah fans are only loyal to Sheebah.

They also claim that it was Sheebah who fred Rita Dance hall wide from prison not Spice Diana’s forgiveness as earlier claimed.


Responding to the post, blogger Ray Supastar, stood strong as a Spice diehard and said it was Sheebah behind the post not her fans.

“Thank you my Spice Diana for unfollowing lu Samalie. She is hurt and please don’t ever follow her again. She is a devil in sheep skin. She keeps abusing you in that fan’s Instagram account of hers,” reads part of Ray’s post.

The city blogger said Sheebah is a faded artist trying to get a comeback using Spice Diana.

Sheebah and Spice have tried so much to show the public that they are good with each other’s presence. However, whatever is discussed with their fans, in their camps truly defines what they really are because like the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire.

During the time of filing this story, Sheebah had maintained her need to follow Spice on both Instagram and Face Book.



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