Singer Vian Music Quits Mudra’s Management


Dancehall musician Mudra is known for giving a helping hand to different musicians, including upcoming singer Vian.

However, following the much success of his song deal, Vian Music has quit Mudra’s management, and he is upset with the Balo Balo hitmaker.

Vian explained Mudra has been playing hide and seek for a while, and he can no longer keep pleading with him. He is out to start a new life.

He also accuses Mudra of spending all his time and resources to push Ava Peace’s career alone and ignoring him.

“He (Mudra) is not a good person. He spends all resources on Ava Peace, and for us, we survive on promises. He even promised to take me to London and changed at the last minute. I can no longer stay with him because he never helped me as I expected,” he said.

Vian is the voice behind the “Deal” song hitting across airwaves.



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