Sheilah Gashumba Speaks Out On Her Relationship With Father.


Renowned city Socialite and media Personality, Sheilah Gashumba has spoken publicly for the first time about the difficult experience of having her private photos and videos leaked by a blackmailer.

Last year in August, Videos showing Sheilah Gashumba in a private moment with her boyfriend Rickman have been leaked on social media.

Sheilah Gashumba was the name on most netizens’ lips after screenshots from videos showing her nude body made rounds online.They were later followed by videos in one of which the radio presenter is seen posing in front of the camera, fully nude, and holding her upper body in a raunchy manner.

Speaking in her recent interview, Sheilah Gashumba said that ever since her explicit photos and video leaked it has been among the most challenging experiences she has ever lived through because it delivered a severe blow to her already delicate relationship with her father.

The once strong between father and daughter had been fragile since Sheilah entered adulthood stage and the leak of her explicit photos with her boyfriend seems to have hammered the final nail into the coffin.

Sheilah disclosed that since July last year the incident occurred, she has never talked to her father and she hopes that they will not be talking anytime soon.


Her father called her in a fit of anger, vehemently expressing his displeasure and demanding an explanation for her actions.

In her defence, Sheilah clarified that she had little control over the matter. She stressed that her SIM card was swapped while in Dubai, leading to unauthorized access to her Snapchat account, from where the explicit videos and photos were leaked, emphasizing that the videos were recorded on her personal phone with her lover and she saw nothing wrong with it.



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