SHEILA GASHUMBA: I think I Made Rickman More Famous!


NBS After 5 presenter, Sheilah Gashumba a, apparently feels that she made her musician boyfriend Rickman more famous. The pair started dating last year in April. This was after she shortly broke up with God’s Plan. Taking to her Snapchat account, Sheilah said that it’s true she made him more famous than he was before they met. She added that more people listen and even know him because of her.

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“I think I made him famous. More people now know and listen to his music because of me,” she posted on Snapchat.

It’s true Sheilah is a genius when it comes to social circles. She has lots of connections in the entertainment industry not only in Uganda but in the region and across the Continent. She’s widely travelled and well acquainted with the music business. However, has really Rickman gained from dating her musically as she claims. The Naki singer although releasing music occasionally used to have more bangers before dating Sheilah. In fact if there is anything that has been upgraded about him ever since he started dating the socialite, it’s his relationship status.

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Many people know him for his relationship with her than the music. He’s yet to cement his name on the local scene. Rickman has released a number of songs but he is yet to announce his grand arrival on the scene as a serious music contender. It also seems like he’s torn between being a professional footballer and musician. He’s been between Uganda and Sweden trying to figure out what he intends to be.The pair who have at times seen their relationship get under public scrutiny have been on and off. As Sheilah has her TV, events organizing and emceeing career up and running, the same can’t be said of her boyfriend Rickman.



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