Sheebah on Why she doesn’t want to get married!


It’s no public secret that singer Sheebah Karungi isn’t into marriage. The singer has for some time spearheaded a new crop of women who are self-styled feminists.

These women are bent on pointing out the wrong side of marriage and showing that actually women can stand alone without men. And now the Nakyuka singer has unearthed the reason she isn’t into marriage. Sheebah through an Instagram video said that she doesn’t want to get married for one reason. This is because she doesn’t want to get controlled as she spoilt herself. She added that she wants to control her own life without anybody bossing her around.

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“The reason I don’t want to get married is that I don’t want to get controlled by anyone. I want to control my own life because I spoilt myself. Yeah, I’m spoilt,” the singer said.

The former TNS singer even has a self-styled local name of a single woman known as ‘nakyeyombekedde.’ She has for a number of years been oozing negativity about men and marriage. It’s for this reason that rumor has always mounted over her personal lifestyle. A few years back she was rumored to be a lesbian, a thing that is still up till now.

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Besides, Sheebah was also raised by a single mother in a Kampala ghetto slum in Kawempe. And as psychology partly says, a person is greatly influenced and shaped by the things that surround them. She might have her own insecurities about men and family owing to past experiences. She’s however not the only aging musician that is still single. There are quite many unmarried musicians seemingly living the best time of their lives.



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