Sheebah is Spiners’ outstanding performer of the year


Looking at how far and how hard she has had to fight to keep herself on top, especially after splitting with former manager Jeff Kiwa, Spiners tittles the entertainer as best on the artist of the month list 

Spiners Artist Of The Month is a monthly special recognition accorded to Artists who have been impactful on these parameters pop culture for instance music, film, fashion, technology, talkability and slang, social responsibility and activism, peace, respect and personal growth.

IMG 20221228 WA0065

Queen Karma was first recognized for social responsibility and activism on women’s day in March following her efforts in promoting the girl child by making sanitary pads available and affordable.

She was again titled in the month of December same year, recognized in the area of music and fashion.

IMG 20221228 WA0067

The artist has released two hot singles this year, held three successful concerts with two held at the prestigious Serena hall back to back,


She has also ventured into film and technology by launching a film streaming platform known as ugaflix, her talkability is flawless and she has maintained a steady personal growth in the sector.

Congratulations and we wish her the best of luck in her endeavors



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