Salvador hits NBS TV’s Njala hard in the balls Over Sticks Of Pork


Comedian Salvador Idringi has gone head to head with NBS TV Journalist Simon Kaggwa Njala on Twitter. The root cause of this was Njala’s post about the late Oulanyah. Salvador said people should be careful how they name their kid because this could be the reason why Njala is like that.

Obviously, Njala was not about to let this slide. He fought back immediately calling him a empty head. “I’m compelled not to dignify this buffoonery with a response. This is the real salvador. Emptiness at its best.” As this was still going on, novelist Kakwenza also showed up asking whether Salvador wanted Njala to be indebted to him forever because of pork.


This conflict attracted so much attention and people were torn between the two trying to take sides. People made memes out of this scuffle and if it is trending they wanted, they surely got it right.

How NBS TV's Simon Kaggwa Njala Became A Viral Meme | SPINERS
Simon Kaggwa Njala


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