Rwandan Singer Nillan talks about his debut album ‘City Boy’

Local R&B artist and producer, Nillan, yesterday released his first album dubbed ‘City Boy’. The album is composed of 10 songs which all are audios only.

The 19-year-old, real name, Moise Ntare Senga, revealed that his love for music had been unconditional ever since his childhood.

Ntare ventured into music professionally, in 2020, after completing his studies at Nyundo school of music in 2019, he did music production.

“After releasing my first song dubbed ‘Size’ I’ve shown love and received positive feedback from my fans. It gives me courage to do the best for them. I have been working on my first album for one-year long,’’ he says.

Known for his breakthrough hit single dubbed ‘My side’ whose sound production he did himself, the singer revealed that he did the mixing and production of six songs of his album named ‘Bae’, ‘Monalisa’ featured by Okkama, ‘Nyampinga’ featured by Kivumbi King, ’Sober’, and ‘Wine’ among the others.

He added that other songs on his album include ‘Balcony’, ‘City boy’,’ Ebony’ produced by Spaceman, and also ‘Mbogege’ he featured by E.T which was produced by Urumiya.

Asked about the artists he featured and why he chose them, the singer revealed that Kivumbi King is a good poet and one of the best singers, E.T has good melodies, while Mistake, Dani Kard and Okkama are brothers to him, who have special and unique talents which he appreciates.

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“I want to contribute to the Rwandan music industry. I collaborate with other fellow singers so as to learn from them and to do something great for our fans. I am grateful for their love and support and I hope that they will enjoy the tracks on my album,’’ he says.

However, the ‘Yellow’ hit maker revealed he has also started receiving positive feedback from the diaspora community of which he says he is grateful for.

Ntare also highlighted that despite his album he has other production projects which he is working on and also contributed to the ‘Sweet thunder’ album by fellow R&B singer Rita Ange Kagaju.

The singer also revealed that even though all the tracks on his album are good, ‘Sober’ is his most favorite so far.

Talking about his future plan, the singer said that he is growing in the industry and is also working on the visuals of the tracks on his album which he says he will soon release.

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