Reminiscing Lillian and Mowzey Radio’s love on his birthday

The late Mowzey Radio

Uganda is celebrating the late singer Mowzey Radio’s 38th birthday today and while many of his lovers are heart aching, song bird Lillian Mbabazi shared a sweet message, celebrating January 25.

“I will always choose to celebrate the day Moses was born. Because he was born, I had my children because he was born, I met him, because he was born, music in Uganda was changed, because he was born, many musicians have been inspired Happy birthday my love.We Miss you  RIP” Lillian shared

Lillian and Mowzey had a love story that gave birth to two beautiful babies.

Because Lillian was born, Mowzey’s heart was moved. He had a beautiful smile and dulcet voice to crush on.

A close source reveals that Mowzey had noticed Lillian while he was still at Campus. The song bird was already in the music industry.

It was because Radio loved Lillian Soo much that he composed where you are, a duet good life did with blue 3.



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