Rapper Spyda MC Talks About Inspiration Behind Viral Hit ‘Abantu Mukisa’


Rapper Spyda MC has taken the airwaves by storm with his trending song, “Abantu Mukisa,” but what lies behind the catchy beats? In an exclusive interview with Sanyuka TV’s Annatalia Oze, Spyda MC disclosed that the song draws inspiration from the socio-political disparities prevalent in the country.

“It’s the socio-political differences that we have faced in the last five years. It has now reached the level where people don’t communicate easily anymore, and there are a lot of disagreements in the ghetto over petty issues. So, this song is to let them know they are brothers, and such moments of disagreement should not break that bond,” shared Spyda MC.

Expressing concern about the current state of social and political relations, Spyda MC urged people to avoid excessive involvement in political ideologies, emphasizing that these are short-term aspects of life that should not permanently influence one’s way of life.

“Politics is a manmade idea. The things that we should be debating between us should be about our roots, traditions, and land disputes because those are serious, but these short-term temporary situations should not rule our minds,” he added.

Spyda MC clarified his stance on politics, stating that he prefers not to immerse himself in political matters and will always align with the majority of people’s views.


In addition to his musical endeavors, Spyda MC revealed plans for an ambitious 18-track album set to be released before the end of the year, adding an exciting chapter to his already flourishing career.



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