PROFILES: Who are the Artistes set for World Music Day show at National Theatre?


Ahead of the World Music Day Celebrations, the Uganda National Cultural Center- UNCC in conjuction with National Culture Forum, Uganda Musicians Association French Embassy in Uganda, Alliance Française Kampala and Total Energies have organized celebrations at the National Theatre gardens.

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The event will feature French-Senegalese group “Majnun & Black Magic Sofas” who will perform alongside a few local artistes such as Aliddeki Brian, The Police Band, Sara Vauclair Kibay, R’AFRICA243 and Hon. Racheal Magoola from the Afrigo Band.

Here, we profile for you the artistes set to take the stage Tonight, Enjoyyyyy!


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Majnun is a charismatic and inspired artist. His name, which means “the madman” in Arabic, is a deliberate choice. Because madness, he says, is his space of freedom, in which he can explore the depths of his soul. Originally from Senegal, he took his first steps in Hip-Hop and then in Reggae. Over the years, he has endeavored to develop a resolutely eclectic art in coherence with his nomadic condition. Afro-beat, jazz, funk, trance and Latin music are the different colours that make up his musical fresco.


His voice, which reveals the rich imagination that inhabits him, also tells us with sincerity and emotion, the incredible epic that is this human life. Coming from different universes, the musicians who accompany Majnun have however many similarities. In addition to their talent, they share a common passion for world music. Their difference is not an obstacle. On the contrary, it is the foundation on which they build a beautiful, strong and cosmopolitan music. It is thus, with a disconcerting ease that these musicians make us travel through the sounds and rhythms of the world, starting from Senegal.

The “sofas” were those whose mission was to defend the Mandingo empire. Those who had to fight for the others. Today, they have been reincarnated as “warrior-healers”. And it is with them that Majnun, to present their new album Mandigo’s Fight, invite you to what is more than a concert, a real healing ceremony that they call : Black Magic Live Experiment!

Aliddeki Brian – Eka Waka Xperience (Afro-Jazz Fusion)

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Aliddeki is a Ugandan musician, educator and an innovator in folk music. Since his youth, he has captivated audiences with his roots having a traditional music background plus the world-roots rhythms that come from the diversity of many traditional instruments he customized to develop his unique sound.

As a World-Afro Fusion Musician, a folk song writer and a solo performing Artist from Uganda, The Evergreen Country, Aliddeki dreams of introducing this genre of music to unite people through the diversity of culture and beauty of nature.

The Police Band

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The Police band has been in existence for several years and has had several talents in its ranks, such as Moses Matovu (Afrigo group), Tom Ssengendo and many other former doctors, henchmen. The members of The Police Band are all active members of Police nationwide.

They are the official Jam session band since it restarted a few months ago.Beyond the groove of their music, their aim is to interact with the people of Kampala to raise awareness on how to live a crime-free life, to push sports, cultural dances, in all regions of Uganda.


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R’Afrika is a group of artists from the Democratic Republic of Congo, based in Uganda/Kampala since 2015.

They have made a name for themselves through their powerful live performances. Nicknamed The King of thrones or Zaiko of urban music, R’Afrika has participated in several festivals among others, Nyege nyege festival, Amani festival and many more… He has shared the stage with several artists including Youssoupha, Fally Ipupa, Timaya etc…

R’Afrika is a hip hop group with a mix of Afro, ndombolo, rumba, folklore…

Rachel Magoola

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Rachel Magoola performed professionally with Uganda’s top group, The Afrigo Band, from 1989 to 2001 when she started her solo career. She is now a successful artist in her own right, having produced six solo albums, Inhaife in 1997, Tyenda Wundi in 1998, Tonyiiga in 2000, Atwibembe 2001, Songs from the Source of the Nile in 2005 and Eisadha in 2008.She just released her latest album Resilience-Songs Of Uganda in August 2021 which topped the International Trans Global Chats in October 2021.



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