Producer Didi Discloses That He Is HIV Positive.


Veteran music producer, Abdul Karim Muchwa alias Producer Didi has come out to disclose that he is HIV positive after years of struggling with an unknown illness.

This comes after a heartfelt Video shared on social media, where he publicly confirmed his diagnosis after a recent hospital visit.

Didi has for the past few years been to and from hospitals, as he has been grappling with numerous illnesses.

Following a successful counselling session, Didi was brave and publicly revealed his HIV status as he disclosed that in his next Journey, he will embark on sensitization people to live positivity and help talented push the cause.

“I am HIV positive. I have the virus. Recently, when I was checked in hospital, I was discovered with the virus,” Didi stated in the video. His announcement has sparked a wave of reactions across the music industry and among his fans.



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