Cindy Sanyu Criticizes Industry ‘Dummies,’ Emphasizes Talent Over Appearance


Cindy Sanyu is undeniably talented and has stayed on top of her game for a significant amount of time in the music industry. While on NRG Radio Uganda, she gave her explanation of the difference between talent and skill.

According to Cindy, the industry is filled with “dummies,” insinuating that these are individuals who may lack true talent but rely on physical appearances or trends to make their mark.

She emphasized that, from her perspective and years of training, talent should be the cornerstone of an artist’s journey, with skill and other features following suit.

While she approves of the efforts of all artists in the industry, she stands firm in her belief that true talent, nurtured through grooming and training, should be the driving force behind musical success.

There’s a big difference between talent and skill. To me, talent comes in first, second, third, and then the other features can follow suit.

Before we find out if someone can dance, or whether they’re pretty and big bummed, their talent should come in as first priority.

Cindy Sanyu



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