President Museveni Endorses MC Kats’ Drive Against HIV/AIDS

NBS After 5 presenter, MC Kats seems a man destined for greatness ever since he went public with his HIV status a few years ago. The latest is that President Museveni has endorsed his campaign against HIV/AIDS stigma. Kats was one of the notable speakers yesterday at Kololo grounds to commemorate World AIDS Day.


Taking to his Twitter page, Museveni posted a photo of the self-styled king of the mic. The President then captioned it saying that the country has come a long way in the fight against the disease. He reminded everyone that they have a role to play in society in order to curb out the disease.

Mr Museveni added that it’s the responsibility of every person in society to make sure that nobody succumbs to the disease.

“It is the responsibility of each one of us to ensure that NO child is born with HIV, NO one gets infected with HIV, NO one dies due to AIDS-related illness …”

Kats recalled when one of the local dailies ran a story saying that he infected his baby mama, Fille Mutoni. Kats said that this really tore him and his family apart. Some people advised him to sue the daily and others that discriminate against him because of his HIV status.

Kats however said that he thought of the many people out there. Those who are stigmatized but have nowhere to run to. It was for this reason that he decided to use his position and influence to fight HIV stigma.


He will hold his virtual annual king of the mic show this weekend on NBS TV. The aim is to fight stigma among HIV victims and will have performances from Fille and Lydia Jazmine.



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