President Museveni endorses indigenous music

President Museveni during the launch of Omufunga Eizooba/ courtesy photo

President Yoweri Museveni has challenged Ugandans produce music that is in line with Uganda’s rich culture heritage.

“The music is excellent. This is music and not noise and I enjoy it so much. I see some groups making noise and calling it music. It is the main music in my cars when I am driving, plus some religious tunes and NRM songs,” he said

He explains that indigenous sounds not only have a rich language but also, their content is excellent yet deals with both contemporary social and political issues.

Mr. Museveni said this during the launch of “Omufunga Eizooba” a traditional music album as Patron of the Heritage foundation.

“Our rich African heritage which manifests itself in music, dances, literature, and songs, should be fully documented & preserved to benefit future generations,” he said

IMG 20221108 WA0092
Some of the performances at the launch/ courtesy photo

He explained that he used the songs to get vocabulary to enrich the thesaurus of Runyankore alias Katondoozi. 


Omufunga Eizooba music album comprises of 16 songs and was composed many years ago though remained undeveloped due to the unsettled colonial times. 

According to the president, Some songs were resurrected by a young woman called Maaga who was the core of his music group in the bush days.



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