Pia Pounds kickstarts 2022 with new “Wave” song Wuuba!


Following her 2021 platinum hit Tupaate, one would think Pia Pounds would not add up more music onto her biggest hit ever however, that’s not the case, the songstress has kickstarted 2022 with a celebration anthem WUUBA to sum up the testimony that came with Tupaate’s success.

Watch Wuuba official Video here

Loosely translated as Wave, Wuuba is another dancehall piece where Pia Pounds makes a huge stamp as she stomps the musical yard again. Pia Pounds asks her fans to clearly “Wuuba” their hands in the air, shake their bodies since it is time to dance and shake off. It is an Afro-beat song, very groovy, narrating a hustle story that turned victorious accompanied by catchy phrases like “tugubakuba – we hit them hard”, “Spend All my Money to buy Rice” a ghetto child survival code and “Tuva Musuuka” the early bird catches the worn metaphor.

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The song produced by Kusseim and video directed by Swangz Avenue’s Marvin Musoke comes in at a time Ugandan artistes are on a move to make their music thrive and survive since music shows and night life are opening later on this month. Pia is expected to be among the top booked artists and one of the artists to watch out for in this year 2022. All the best Pia.

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