Pastor Andrew Jjengo Challenges Accusers To Provide Evidence That He Sells His Late Father’s property.


Pastor Andrew Jjengo, the lead pastor at Revival Church in Kawaala, has strongly denied accusations of selling his late father’s property and challenged those making the claims to produce evidence. In a recent phone call interview on Sanyuka TV’s UnCut show, Pastor Jjengo addressed the allegations that had surfaced in the media.

During the interview, Pastor Jjengo urged his accusers to publicly disclose the identities of the individuals claiming to have purchased his father’s property. He emphasized the importance of presenting evidence to support such serious allegations, especially concerning the execution of his father’s Will.

Furthermore, Pastor Jjengo clarified that the church land in question still retains its original documentation. He asserted that efforts are underway to enhance the church’s infrastructure, including the addition of titles to the property that were not previously in place.


Dismissing the accusations as baseless, Pastor Jjengo attributed them to jealousy, emphasizing that certain individuals do not wish to witness his success in assuming the leadership role left by his late father. The pastor remains focused on improving the church and carrying out his responsibilities as its leader.



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