Lydia Jazmine Speaks Out On Alleged Beef With Carol Nantongo.


Rumours of a rift between singers Jazmine and Carol Nantongo have circulated for over three months, with speculations pointing to a possible dispute over their shared connection with Kenzo. Other sources suggest a broader falling out in their friendship.

In a recent revelation, Jazmine addressed the alleged conflict, citing social media blocking as a major obstacle to communication. Responding to Galaxy FM’s inquiry about her lack of response to Nantongo’s post rallying fans to attend her concert, Jazmine explained that she was unable to see the post as she had been blocked across all social media platforms.

“Admin, accounts that blocked all Lydia Jazmine’s pages also posted? How could we see the tag or reply to them?” she questioned in response to the radio station’s post, shedding light on the communication barrier that contributed to the perceived silence.


The unfolding social media feud adds a new dimension to the reported discord between the two artists, hinting at the complexities of their relationship and the challenges posed by online interactions.



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