Pallaso’s manager Karma Ivien Drags him to Court over Contract Breach!


What started as a rumor between Artiste manager Karma Ivien and singer Pallaso was finally conformed, the two are not seeing eye to eye!

The latter went public about suing Pallaso an artiste he managed for what he terms as breach of contract. According to Karma, real names Lubega Ivan, he has an ongoing contract with Pallaso but the Malamu singer refused to cooperate with him under their understanding!

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He further adds that upon receiving summons, Pallaso arrogantly refused to file a defense. Pallaso, has kept mute about the entire matter but we can authoritatively confirm the two are it together anymore.


Its alleged that Pallaso fired Karma during the times of his countrywide musical tour something that didn’t go well with him hence taking matters to court!

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Pallaso (L) and Karma Ivien (R) with a video Director during one of the video shoots in their good working relationship days

On 5th August 2019, Karma Ivien signed Pallaso and shifted all his attention from other artistes to him, 3 years later, the two went into a Rollercoaster of hits under their relationship and its no doubt their mutual works yielded results as Pallaso did quite well with Karma as his manager!



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