Netizens Question Lydia Jazmine’s Age Following Resurfaced 2014 Video.


A resurfaced video from 2014 featuring Lydia Jazmine has sparked curiosity among netizens, leading them to question the true age of the popular songstress.

In the video, Lydia Jazmine confidently states, “My name is Lydia Jazmine, I am a growing-up artist, I am 23 years old.”

Recorded in 2014, just a year after her collaboration with Rabadaba propelled her into the music scene in 2013, the video has reignited discussions about her age.


Upon reviewing the footage, many netizens have calculated that Lydia Jazmine should be nearing her mid-thirties now.

Despite her apparent age, Lydia Jazmine remains unmarried and without children, a fact that puzzles many of her fans. They have continuously urged her to share details about her current romantic relationship, eager to catch a glimpse of the man in her life.



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