Navio talks life hardships amid popular belief of having it all easy!


There has been a stereotype about top hood Ugandan rapper Navio about how he has had his life all figured out.

In his latest song “Katonda Wabanaku“, pastor Bugembe emphasizes that apart from Navio who had it all on a silver platter, all the other artists were totally doing bad before they had their lives changed.

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A younger Navio back in the day

On the contrary though, it has all not come easy for the rapper. Through an interview with DailyMonitor’s Isaac Ssejjombwe, Navio, real name Daniel Lubwama opened up about his life hardships over the years that the public doesn’t know about because he doesn’t talk about them. He tells a story of how he lost his dad at age 10, he had to be cautious and skipped years of school because of finances.

” When someone says iam rich, I do not explain myself because I know what it is for people to say the opposite.” he said!

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In addition, the celebrated rapper also drew back to the genesis days of his music career when radio stations did not play hip hop back in the day. He also added that at the time he started put, he was a teenager who had to compete with people between 30 years and 40 years something that was difficult too!



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