#RE-UNION: Spice Diana & Sheebah re-unite at Star Gal Ep party!


On Thursday night , Spice Diana hosted an unveiling party for her latest project, the Star Gal EP.

One of the top highlights of the party with the massive attendance from fellow artists among which included songstress Sheebah Karungi. The best bit of her attendance was when she was called up on stage by Spice Diana and the latter appreciated her contribution to this industry aswell as shaping the position of female artists in the industry for this generation.

In response, the queen Karma had this to say,

“Congratulations. I came here to tell you that I see you, I respect you, I respect your hustle. I came here to tell you that I know the males in the industry started dividing the females in the industry so that they can keep winning but now they can’t do that again. We’re going to unite together, and support each other. Everybody’s here for you, I can’t wait for the day to do anything you’d want me to do for you, I am here. The female future is now!” Sheebah said in her speech on stage.


The pair that kept deepy and affectionately hugging on stage left some of the revelers jaws dropping in the audience. This is because the pair had an online scuffle which created a beef situation amongst their fans. It all started when Spice Diana publicly called out Sheebah’s fans “Sheebaholics” who she accused of constantly attacking her.

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This post created mixed feelings and reactions between the two and till last night, it was believed that the pair was not in good terms. Spice Diana was very happy as she expressed that the media had done a ludicrous job in making her relationship with Sheebah look terrible but yet she had always looked up to Sheebah from the very beginning. 

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Sheebah was very happy as she said this was a happy ending they all needed and she also mentioned that she was very happy because as a feminist, moments like these where women united always made her the happiest.



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