MTN Uganda Continues to Support Local Talent in the Music Industry


MTN Uganda, as the number one supporter of Uganda’s music, continues to promote and support local talent in the music industry. This year, MTN Uganda has announced its support for six local artists, namely Coopy Bly, Mesarch Semakula, Martha Mukisa, Tugende Mukikadde, Madrat and Chico, and Pallaso.

At a press conference held at the Golden Tulip in Kampala, MTN Uganda announced its continued support to the development of local talent by hosting the six artistes who are set to benefit from this year’s sponsorship package. Speaking on behalf of MTN Uganda’s CEO Sylvia Mulinge, Barbara Kiwanuka from MTN Events & Sponsorship, said –

Pallaso speaking at the Golden Tulip
Pallaso speaking at the Golden Tulip.

“MTN’s continued contribution to the development of local talent is a testament to our commitment to supporting Uganda’s music industry. We believe that music is one of the biggest passion points in Uganda, and we want to provide a platform that promotes and supports Ugandan music for both the artistes and the fans.”

We understand that music is one of the biggest passion points in Uganda and as a country, Uganda is blessed with a pool of very talented artistes who make world- class music. At MTN, we are happy to provide this platform which enables Ugandans
to enjoy this great music.

MTNs Barbara Representing the MTN Ugandas Chief Marketing Officer at the MTN Artist Press Conference

As part of the sponsorship package, fans can also win UGX 100,000 and 2 tickets to an artist’s concert by downloading any Caller Ring Back Tune and then recording themselves dancing or singing to the song using the hashtag #MTNCallerTunez and
posting the video on social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.


” We believe that together, we can do more to help artists reach their full potential,” said Barbara Kiwanuka. “We want to encourage the public to join us in supporting local talent, as together we are unstoppable.”

Moses Byakagaba MTN Trade Marketing Officer speaking at MTN Artist Press Conference

MTN Uganda’s commitment to promoting local talent in the music industry is a testament to its continued efforts to support Uganda’s cultural and creative industries. By supporting local artists, MTN Uganda is helping to build a thriving music industry that contributes to Uganda’s economic and social development.

Mavis Musungu MTN Ugandas GTM Digital Specialist speaking at the MTN Artist press conference at the Golden Tulip Hotel


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