MTN MoMo Ltd, Ericsson Empower Women Vendors in Kalerwe Market.


In a vibrant celebration of Women’s Month, MTN Mobile Money Ltd (MTN MoMo) in partnership with Ericsson has taken a significant step towards championing financial inclusion and empowering women in business.

As part of their ongoing efforts to support entrepreneurship and digital payment adoption, MTN MoMo and Ericsson yesterday rewarded several women vendors at Kalerwe Market in Kampala, for encouraging their customers to use MTN MoMoPay services for their grocery purchases.

The winners of this exciting initiative include Sarah Namubiru, who claimed the top prize of Ugx 4 million, followed by Jane Namusoke with Ugx 3 million, Aisha Nakigozi with Ugx1.5 million, Fatuma Namutosi with Ugx 1 million, and Lamula Nalweyiso with half a million shillings. All the cash was immediately sent to their MoMo wallets upon the cheque handover. These remarkable women exemplify the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, demonstrating the impact of leveraging digital solutions to enhance business operations and customer convenience.

The launch of this initiative on the 7th of March, led by the dynamic MTN Uganda CEO, Sylvia Mulinge, signifies a commitment to not only recognize and reward women entrepreneurs but also to create avenues for financial empowerment and business growth. By encouraging customers to embrace MoMoPay services, these vendors are not only streamlining transactions but also contributing to the digital economy’s expansion and efficiency.
In addition to the rewards for promoting MoMoPay, MTN MoMo offers further support to women entrepreneurs through initiatives such as the Wesotinge with MoMo offer, providing access to quick loans at low-interest rates. This holistic approach to financial services aims to address the diverse needs of women in business, facilitating access to capital and promoting sustainable growth and resilience.
The impact of MTN MoMo’s initiatives extends beyond individual rewards and incentives. By fostering a culture of digital payment adoption and financial inclusion, MTN MoMo is playing a vital role in transforming the business landscape, driving economic empowerment, and unlocking opportunities for women across Uganda.
As Women’s Month celebrations continue, MTN MoMo’s commitment to championing women in business serves as a beacon of inspiration, highlighting the potential for innovation, collaboration, and success in the digital age.

With initiatives like these, MTN MoMo and Ericsson are not just facilitating transactions; they are empowering women to thrive and succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.



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